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Mark is the instructor for the Coursera Online course: “New Technologies for Business Leaders”: From Blockchain and IoT to Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality technologies: This course will empower business leaders to bring the state of the art information technologies into their organizations to improve client and customer engagement and ultimately the bottom line of their businesses.

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Mark Mueller consulting

Mark can facilitate workshops for your senior leadership to define challenges and come up with integrated solutions. Each workshop is fully customizable to meet your needs. Topics include:

“Leading Transformation: Change Management for the Digital World”
Transformation and change is never easy. In this workshop participants will:

  • Learn to understand change and the resistance to change.
  • Develop a value proposition.
  • Learn how to make a case for targeted transformation.
  • Learn a methodology for success.
  • Leave with an executable plan to communicate, win allies, sell and manage the transformation, and establish an ongoing culture of change.

“IT Agility”
In this workshop, business and technology leaders align around core business priorities to surface challenges and develop a joint strategy on how to leverage IT for their mutual success.

Participants will:

  • Learn how cloud computing, the consumerization of IT, and opportunities to leverage big data are fundamentally changing the time and scope of the IT capabilities that an organization needs to stay competitive.
  • Learn how different business functions often don’t speak the same language, and how to rapidly and agilely take advantage of opportunities while fulfilling regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Learn a proven framework to identify and prioritize IT capabilities for business impact.

“The Leader as Producer”

In this workshop for business executives and leaders of supporting functions like HR, IT, and Procurement, participants will:

  • Learn to understand and leverage the most fundamental shift in collaboration brought by the knowledge economy.
  • Learn how to create knowledge products by leveraging traditional full time employees, consulting and vendor resources, international talent, and customers and partners.

What People Are Saying

“Mark truly embodies the mission of helping people and organizations realize their full potential.”

Tim Rowe, Management Consultant at Rowe & Associates

“Mark has an innate grasp of the IT pro’s weltanschauung (world view) at the executive level, and a no-nonsense but easy style which makes him very easy to work with, get along with, and importantly … make things happen. If you are considering using Mark either as a consultant or a speaker (he’s an excellent public speaker) I’d strongly recommend him.”

Graham Watson, Program Manager at AdaQuest Inc.

“Mark has an exceptional ability to see and integrate economic, commercial, legal, and technical issues in the formation of strategy … He is a “big brain” thinker, with a wide range of interests and a natural curiosity.”

Hahns Burg, Consultant at Microsoft Corporation

“Every so often a person reads a book or takes a course which has a profound and long lasting impact one’s learning path and business approach, this was my experience with Mark’s Change Management module at Rutgers Social Media Mini MBA CMD program. In addition to his extensive knowledge, subject matter experience and skills, Mark’s presentation style and audience engagement was very energizing.”

Robert (Rob) Burns, Business Development Specialist | Trusted Business Advisor | Social Media and Inbound Marketing Advocate