Top rated speaker and trainer, Mark has a rare ability to excite audiences making even complex topics from technology over management to economic impact easily understandable and personally relevant. Mark combines research and theoretical perspectives with action-oriented frameworks and plans. His audiences and workshop participants acquire new ways of thinking and clear next steps.

Mark has presented at events around the world, including APEC leadership meetings, the World CIO Forum, TEDx, SIC, World Computer Congress, YPO, countless industry, customer and partner events. He is consistently a top-rated speaker at every event he appears. With time for only a limited number of engagements each year, his schedule fills up quickly.

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Mark’s presentations and workshops (in English or German) are valuable for:

  • Everybody who wants to understand the latest technologies from Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile, Mobility (autonomous driving), Virtual Reality (VR) to Cloud Computing and their impact on business and society
  • Business leaders who want to better understand how technology is a competitive asset, and how to evaluate and prioritize IT projects.
  • CIOs tasked with empowering their businesses.
  • IT leaders who want to better articulate the value of their work and capabilities, and shift from being a cost center to a business driver.
  • Anybody in an organization who enjoys discussion of how technologies transform our world.


mark speaking at conference

Mark delivers keynote speeches for your employees, partners, or customers. Each presentation is fully customizable to meet your needs. Topics include:

“Key Technology Trends (e.g. Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Computing) and How technology is transforming business, governments, computing and security models”
Most requested sessions; customized for specific audiences from top government officials to IT Services’ organizations customers.

“No Fear: Business Leadership in the Age of Digital Cowboys”
What’s the best way to lead the Playstation generation? In this presentation (based on the book Mark co-authored of the same name), you’ll discover how to enter and succeed in the world of “Digital Cowboys.”

“Business Success Through IT”
Why does IT matter? In this presentation (based on Mark’s book Agility: Competing and Winning in a Tech-Savvy Marketplace), you’ll hear insights from MIT and Boston University’s research into 15,000 organizations. You’ll hear stories from the frontline explaining what’s possible with agile IT, and how new technology brings about new opportunity.

“Tomorrow Will be VERY Different”
What are the IT and organizational trends that are rapidly leading us into a very different world? In this presentation you’ll discover the fundamental changes to come for customers, for interaction with customers, for employees, and in the datacenter.

Mark speaking at conference

“Organizational Culture for the Next Generation”
What is the impact of globalization, internationalization, and communication and technology shifts on organizations? In this presentation you’ll hear about the challenges of “the new world of work,” and you’ll learn about technologies and strategies for unleashing your workforce’s potential.

“Leadership Transformation and Development for Success Tomorrow”
What are the new requirements for today’s leaders and organizations? In this presentation, based on Mark’s book No Fear: Business Leadership for the Digital Age, you’ll learn the vital importance of frontline engagement, transparency, efficient communication, and sharing of information.

“Business Agility Through Technology”
Trends, their impact on business, and how to realize the advantages.

“Change Management”
Understanding change and developing an innovative culture.