Mark Mueller-Eberstein is one of the world’s leading experts on how businesses can leverage key technology trends, transform organizations and drive a competitive advantage. He is an internationally renowned business leader, entrepreneur, investor, consultant, best-selling author, and teaches at Rutgers University’s Business School. Mark is a member of e.g. the Washington IoT Council. He delivers guest lectures at Seattle University and is an advisor and board member to selected companies, investment funds ( ) and initiatives. Mark is a member of the Alliance of Angels and the ACA. Mark is the founder and is leading Adgetec Corporation’s consulting business since 2010.

Mark Mueller-Eberstein

Discovering, understanding and explaining future trends of technology and communication technologies and what they mean for business, are the key focus areas of Mark and Adgetec. Mark predicted social media, communication technologies and cloud computing as a key ICT capability enabler for businesses and resulting transformation for the IT industry and professions. Mark is now also actively invested into organizations focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain technology and crowdfunding. He is a managing member of the private Codex3 investor group. Current research leads into innovation acceleration through removing inefficiencies (e.g. around  financial transactions).

Having worked in technology leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies, including Hewlett Packard and Microsoft, Mark has more than 25 years of experience in the information and communication technology industry. He has worked with companies and governments around the world to choose, adopt, roll-out, and measure the impact of new technologies to increase productivity, accelerate collaboration and improve people’s lives.

Mark’s focus on helping organizations and their leaders to unlock the potential of new and emerging technologies has led to outstanding synergies. With his team at Adgetec and by using a cross-functional, responsive and international approach, they help current and future leaders from a variety of industries to align their business and technology strategies, increase agility and leverage opportunities. Mark is fascinated by the dynamic between the human and technical factors that positively impact business operations, and he has advised business leaders on these topics for nearly two decades.

Mark’s books have been translated into a dozen languages and have been recommended by leading publications from the US, Russia, China and Germany.

Mark is the author of Agility: Competing and Winning in the Tech-Savvy Marketplace, a best-selling book about how technology and organizational agility impacts business performance and can become a critical success factor. The book (one of Amazon’s “Top 20 for Business Decision Makers”) features international case studies from various industries and research based on over 15,000 customer profiles. The book is the ultimate guide to help a company succeed in the today’s challenging economic environment, and in the future.

Mark is the author of the CES 2019 “must read book”: The Trust Technology – How Blockchain is changing your world (The Trust Technology | Mark Mueller-Eberstein). The book provides both an updated, background for understanding this revolutionary technology and guidance for investors and entrepreneurs to succeed.

Mark is the co-author of No Fear: Business Leadership In the Age of Digital Cowboys, a best-selling manifesto for business leadership in the digital age. The book was co-written with globally renowned executive and entrepreneur Pekka Viljakainen, and has been translated into nearly a dozen languages.

In addition,  he has contributed to many books (e.g. “Migrating to the Cloud”), articles and blog posts, providing expertise on new technologies and how they impact businesses.

Each year, Mark sets aside time to personally work with select clients as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and coach for executives on digital transformation, change management, leadership, and technology as a factor for business success and transformation.

Mark has excited audiences in many countries and continents. His appearances include TEDxAPEC, World CIO Forum, Central Asian Economic Forum, SIC, Microsoft’s WPC.

Originally from Germany, Mark is bilingual and speaks English and German. He received his Master of Business Administration from the University of Technology in Berlin, and also studied at the University of Marburg. He currently resides outside of Seattle, Washington State, USA.