Clarifying ambiguity in leadership, in people, and in organizational and technology transitions.

Finding direction and paths to solutions.

Identifying opportunities within change.

Technology is undergoing rapid advancement. It’s transforming the way we do business, and lead and empower organizations. It’s like we’re in the middle of the Industrial Revolution. Only things are moving even faster. New knowledge is created in days versus years.

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New technologies and work styles are creating new challenges in our workplaces. However, with the right partner on your side, these challenges can be turned into tremendous new opportunities for those who learn to leverage them.

High-level Strategy Consulting

Mark provides high-level strategy consulting to help business leaders:

  • Leverage technology for business success.
  • Understand and leverage key technology trends (for both internal organizational transformation and the transformation of customers into partners).
  • Identify the most efficient next steps for leadership and organizational transformation.

Deeper Consulting Engagements

Mark is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Adgetec Corporation, a company that provides consulting, coaching, and mentoring to business leaders and organizations around the world.

Should your organization require a more in-depth consulting engagement, Mark and his team can analyze your unique challenges and develop effective, transformational solutions. Using a proven methodology, the Adgetec experts will draw on decades of experience working for (and with) Fortune 500 companies.

Typical focus areas of Adgetec’s work are:

  • IT as a competitive tool, and IT transformation
  • Organizational efficiency through technology and alignment across business functions
  • Moving IT from a cost center to a business enabler
  • Employee productivity, education, and motivation for (and through) new technology adoption
  • Building winning teams for the leaders as producer: first class recruiting of partners and contractors
  • Managing change and transformation across functions and levels

Building Value: What Clients, Partners, and Others Are Saying

“Mark is one of those rare executives, who appears to effortlessly combine the elements of vision, strategy, good decisions, leadership, management, and personal respect for team members, into common sense and realistic plans of action that exceed expectations.”

Bert Tsutakawa, Founder and Principal at Global Verde Media LLC

“I have worked with Mark on consulting projects over the past two years. He has proven absolutely invaluable in enabling the framing, planning, staffing and execution of complex strategy and marketing projects for our mutual client, Microsoft. His grasp of the strategic imperatives for business and product groups at Microsoft, as well as his ability to frame creative and resource-efficent plans to generate positive impact for Microsoft teams, is top-rate. Of particular value has been Mark’s ability to find the right people with the right talent sets to occupy key roles on the project team. His abilities and tenacity in building the right team are truly remarkable.

“Working with Mark at the inception of projects, and partnering with him on project management and staffing of the projects, we have been able to generate quality output, high client satisfaction, and measurable impact on our clients’ business goals, on time and in budget. I look forward to working with Mark in the future.”

Ed Cummings, Senior Consultant at The Ananya Group

“Mark’s knowledge and passion is impressive. His ability to find the best people and bring them onto the team for their areas of expertise was excellent. Mark is a well-organized manager and able to manage multiple levels of details, tasks and people for a project. He is also able to speak to non-technical people in a manner that is easily understood.”

Lutz Seidemann, Lead Architect APAC at Microsoft

“Mark provided real world change management and social media transformation examples and consultative direction. Mark’s content, subject matter expertise and instruction opened new approaches.”

Robert (Rob) Burns, Business Development Specialist | Trusted Business Advisor | Social Media and Inbound Marketing Advocate


Mark is available for remote consultations, providing subject matter expertise, his personal investment insights with the ability to explain complex topics from technology, their market and organizational impact over management to economic consideration easily understandable and personally relevant.

Key topics clients regularly discuss include:

  • Blockchain Technology, Crypto-currency, Dragonchain
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Autonomous driving
  • SuperApps

Mark combines research, investor and theoretical perspectives with deep business and market understanding for action-oriented frameworks and plans.

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