The Trust technology
Gary's Book Club: Blockchain – The trust technology for human cooperation
  • The Trust Technology – How Blockchain is changing your world gives business leaders and investors the key understanding needed to begin to powerfully benefit from this transformative new technology.
  • Gain a current understanding of blockchain technology and how it is transforming business, government, economies and societies. If it’s time for you to catch up on blockchain for business or investment, this book is for you.
  • “The Trust Technology — How blockchain is changing your world” provides both an updated, background for understanding this revolutionary technology, and also offers details on how you can move forward with the latest advances that are moving into the marketplace and making blockchain a viable option for a wide audience.
  • Key terms are defined and explained how they are relevant to you! ICOs, STOs, “Stable Coins” and “Asset tokenization” are covered as well as how to evaluate Crypto-Exchanges.
  • This book helps newer users get a good grasp of blockchain, so readers can begin to engage in discussions and work on projects, start to frame opportunities, and consider options for getting started on pilot projects.
  • Future use cases and also real world examples are used to show how companies are putting blockchain to work. From logistics to marketing to financial and government applications, a wide range of cases are explored to give a sense of the range of likely new blockchain based solutions.
  • Investors, traditional and new, will find a full section focused on ways to think smart about investing in blockchain.
  • Many resources are provided that successful investors have used to inform their approaches. For small scale, traditional, or angel investors, knowledge has been crafted with you in mind, and lessons learned are included to help save you avoid repeating the missteps of others while giving access to helpful practices.


“Mark has been an early guru and connector in the crypto space.  This book is written by an angel investor for the benefit of other angel investors.  Finding sages with real crypto wins and losses in such an early domain is not easy. Blockchain technology is hugely exciting and fundamentally unknown to main street investors.  Mark simplifies it to what you need to know and how to invest without getting burned.”
                                Gregg Bennett, Entrepreneur and Investor, “Alliance of Angels”

 “Mark is a trusted advisor. His insights on blockchain technology and trends and the knowledge and introductions from his network have been invaluable to our fund, companies and partners.“ 
                              Kate Mitselmakher, GP and Founder of the Bloccelerate Fund

 “Mark’s passion for enabling transparency, accountability and efficiency is showing government leaders how to bring consistent prosperity to their people.“
                              Samy Badibanga Jr., Conflict Free Minerals from DRC Initiative