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New Technologies for Business Leaders

1. This course is designed for people in business functions, who want to understand, beyond the buzz words, what key new technologies mean for their professional environment, leveraging technology for success, today and tomorrow in the area of business leadership, client and customer engagement.

2. From Blockchain to Artificial Intelligence to Virtual Reality technologies: This course will empower business leaders to bring state of the art information technologies into their organizations to improve client and customer engagement and ultimately the bottom line of their business. Instead of digital disruption, the new technologies and management methods will become the foundation of a Digital Transformation journey for better customer relationship management and client satisfaction.

3. The content is structured in a way that promotes discussions on challenges that business management and marketing functions face due to the rise of new technologies such blockchain, cryptocurrencies, internet of things (IoT), virtual, mixed and augmented reality (VR/AR), artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.  This course will use case studies to explore frameworks, tools, and strategies that are already proven in the real world and prepare ourselves and our organizations to leverage the tools needed to succeed in a fast and changing world.

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