The Trust Technology – How Blockchain is changing your World

Book: The Trust Technology

  • Gives business leaders and investors the key understanding needed to begin to powerfully benefit from this transformative new technology.
  • Gain a current understanding of blockchain technology and how it is transforming business, government, economies and societies.
  • Investors, traditional and new, will find a full section focused on ways to think smart about investing in blockchain. And many resources are provided that successful investors have used to inform their approaches. For small scale, traditional, or angel investors, knowledge has been crafted with you in mind, and lessons learned are included to help save you avoid repeating the missteps of others while giving access to helpful practices.
  • If it’s time for you to catch up on blockchain for business or investment, this book is for you.
The Trust technology

Migrating to the Cloud (English Edition)

Cloud Migration – Das Buch (German Edition)

What does ordering a coffee have to do with the Cloud?

“A cup of coffee with milk, please.” This is a simple order that leads to the conclusion of a purchase contract. At this point, most people will not be interested where the coffee beans came from, what kind of coffee machine was used, or how the milk froth was produced.

A similar thing applies when you purchase some complex machines. If you are buying a car, you ask about the extras, the fuel consumption and the colour, but nobody asks about the innumerable, underlying supply relationships or the highly complex production processes. Everybody assumes that the quality assurance measures work and thus expect a vehicle that works, too. It is useful that clear-cut product liability on the part of the seller automatically applies here, thus shifting the onus of risk off the purchaser’s shoulders.

In the fairly young IT industry this has been different, and it still is in part. The details, technology, interfaces, memory and many other things are discussed, purchased, maintained and operated by the purchasers themselves.

It is precisely this that is now changing, much faster than IT itself has developed over the last 20 years. The Cloud has introduced a paradigm shift and therefore the way IT systems are created is changing, from individualised, small-scale manufacturing to industrial production. This book explains the processes.

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Agility: Competing and Winning in a Tech-Savvy Marketplace

Agility: Competing and Winning in a Tech-Savvy Marketplace is a blueprint for how to measure and accelerate technology adoption, and how to optimize and speed up the impact that technology can have on business and business results.

Why Read Agility?

IT matters if you want to keep up with your competitors. IT matters even more if you want to drive competitive advantage.

Agility Book Cover

Inside Agility you’ll learn that:

  • There’s a correlation between the technological capabilities of an organization and their competitive success (as evidenced by 15,000 customer profiles).
  • The technological agility of an organization is an indication of the overall agility of the organization.

If you work in the IT environment, the book shows the value you, your expertise, and your organization can provide for your company. It shows case by case and industry by industry how technology and the agile infrastructure positively impacts business performance.

Agility is of value to business leaders as well. IT leaders and business leaders speak different languages, and in most companies, there’s a challenging divide between the IT and business sides of the organization. Agility provides the vocabulary, the framework, and the step-by-step guidance necessary for IT and business leaders to work towards a common goal.

Agility isn’t about how to be simply good or better at using IT. Instead, it describes and debunks the myths of IT that keep companies underperforming, frustrated, and below their profit potential.

The book shares the four key stages of technology adoption, and explains how to use the stages as a road map to go from simply using technology to owning it:

  1. Spot trends
  2. Maximize current IT investments
  3. Implement strategy
  4. Gauge impact

The book features global case studies from various industries, with over 15,000 customer profiles. Whether it’s reductions in energy use or a quicker time to market with a new product, companies like BMW and Del Monte have used technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Agility: Competing and Winning in a Tech-Savvy Marketplace is the ultimate guide to evaluating and prioritizing IT projects based on their impact on your business. It defines a new course that businesses can use to join the elite ranks of optimized IT infrastructure superstars. Instead of questioning if they are making the most of technology and unlocking the potential of their workforce, or if they are even using it correctly, the book teaches readers how they can exploit technology to take their business to a whole new level of success.

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What People Are Saying About Agility

“ This book could have been written for the new world of cloud.. perhaps a year before it’s time.”

David Hanrahan, General Manager, Cloud Services
Dimension Data

“I highly recommend Mark’s book. It reflects his deep knowledge of collaboration and the technology to support high performing individuals and teams.”

John Henderson, Professor of Management Information Systems,
Boston University School of Management

“Mr. Mueller-Eberstein from Microsoft is a true thought leader. His insights shared in Agility are spot on and were instrumental to advance my approach to IT management. Organizations adopting the Agility concepts will harvest tangible business results and increase their competitiveness.”

Stephan Schmitt, VP International Marketing & Sales at Zona Health

“In today’s market, understanding the business implications of technology introduction is absolutely critical to an effective investment decision-making process. Mr. Mueller-Eberstein has done an outstanding job in explaining these technologies, how they can be used to transform business, and how customers have implemented them to achieve bottom-line business results. An excellent book on a very relevant topic.”

Bill Santos, General Manager, Services Development, SHI

“Unified communication is tomorrow’s backbone for business success. Agility shows the correlation and how an organization can leapfrog their competition.”

Gurdeep Singh Pall, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

“I’d consider Agility a must read for any IT exec who wants their domain to be an agent of change in their company.”

Graham Watson, Program Manager at AdaQuest Inc.

“Mark’s insights on organizational effectiveness, productivity, and the New World of Work combined with his openness to the market and academic contributors are highlighted in his book Agility as part of the Microsoft Executive Leadership series. Mark truly embodies the mission of helping people and organizations realize their full potential.”

Tim Rowe, Management Consultant at Rowe & Associates

No Fear: Business Leadership in the Age of Digital Cowboys (co-author, with  globally renowned executive and entrepreneur Pekka Viljakainen)

An international best-seller published in twelve languages, No Fear: Business Leadership in the Age of Digital Cowboys is a manifesto for business leadership in a changing world. A global group of executives and thought leaders provide unique and timely insights and advice for the business leaders of today and tomorrow.

Why Read No Fear?

As digital technology evolves, the pace of change will only accelerate. If you’re a manager or an executive you need to meet today’s unique challenges and their consequences head-on and without fear.

Whether you call them “Gen Y,” “Millennials,” “Generation C” (connected), “the Playstation Generation,” or “Digital Cowboys,” the youth of today are reshaping economies and societies around the world. 

No fear book cover

Along the way they’re providing business leaders with unique challenges:

  • They’re more community-oriented and international than any previous generation.
  • They’re early adopters of everything.
  • They’re innovators.
  • They use their networks to efficiently solve problems (provided they’re interested).
  • They expect their leaders to be inspiring, responsible, responsive, and open.

No Fear: Business Leadership in the Age of Digital Cowboys will help you learn to engage and lead Digital Cowboys, and maybe even become one yourself. The book will also show you how you can evolve as a leader in emerging markets such as China, Russia, and Latin America.

Learn more at the No Fear Community.

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What People Are Saying About No Fear

“As technology, so have the requirements for effective management evolved over the last 20 years. The change happening now is much faster and requires a guide based on proven experience and embracing the next generation. NO FEAR is that ‘must read’ guide for current managers and future leaders.”

Stefan Truthän, Chairman, hhpberlin

“Mark Mueller-Eberstein consistently delivers practical guidance grounded in real world substance, providing a unique and needed perspective that will help develop Gen Y leaders.”

Mike Kichline, CEO of Projectline Inc.

“As a teacher of Gen Y and a ‘New World of Work’ researcher, I highly recommend NO FEAR to both students and business leaders.”

Michael Bartz, Professor at IMC University of Applied Sciences, Krems, Austria

“Mark Mueller-Eberstein and Pekka Viljakainen distil over 35 years of innovation and proven academic research, successfully leading and advising global organizations and governments, and collaborating with top world leaders into multi-party value creation principles leveraging and aligned with the current and future environment of globalization, the mobile revolution, the consumer driven economy, and the PlayStation generation of ‘digital cowboys.’ The authors deliver deep ‘essential’ leadership and management insights and usable lessons driving success for all those who embrace their book – NO FEAR is a must read crystal clear handbook that delivers on its promise.”

Stephen Ibaraki, Founding Chairman,
Global Board of the Global IT Community Association (GITCA)
CIPS Fellow, NPA Distinguished Fellow

“Based on my experience as the former CIO of one of the biggest foreign invested companies in China, I personally fully embrace and support the insights and recommendations in NO FEAR.”

Bjarne Erik Roscher, CIO, Siemens Audiology Solutions (formerly CIO, Siemens, China)